So I’ve Decided I Want to Brand Machinized

I love this domain name, I think it has real potential for branding and marketing. I was looking at different ways to establish this site as its own little “brand” (even though it’s technically a personal blog – I still think it’d be fun). So I was looking at different ways, and the first thing I need to do is add a lot more content (duh!) and start adding some real value, hopefully some articles that go viral.

Anyways, the other thing I need to do is create a logo and some promotional items to give to friends/family and people I meet. I was looking into ways to do that and found an awesome company that services Central Texas, so I think I’m going to go in and give them a shot soon. I did some research on promotional items (this article got me thinking) and these guys seem to fit the bill perfectly.

Many businesses have always disregarded the benefits that promotional items bring to the establishment and improvement of its brand identity. Companies that have already embraced this form of investment already know what a great complement it is to the overall marketing strategy. Promotional items that are branded with your company logo/name should be considered as an important part of the marketing budget. A common myth is that promotional items for business are only for firms that take part in trade shows. Although this is what they are known for, it is not entirely true. Giving away promotional items such as t-shirts, hats, pens, umbrellas, sticky notes, and calendars among many others is a great way of facilitating effective branding.

Other Branding Benefits of Promotional Business Items

1. Promotional items remains with the customer for a long time

Upon receipt of promotional items, customers usually keep them for a long period of time. Research studies have shown that majority of people usually keep promotional gifts for an average of one year or even longer. As a result, brand awareness is enhanced not only among the people using the items but also others who are in contact with the user or those who see them making use of the product.  I also want high-quality promo items that will last a long time for this reason, and another reason I want to go with RiverCity Sportswear,… I looked into some samples they provided and I must say they’re excellent!

2. Enhanced customer opinion of the company

Promotional items normally enhance the opinion that customers have about your company and therefore are more likely to purchase your product or service. There isn’t anyone who dislikes things given for free. The recipients of promotional items do not mind receiving a gift that bears a brand logo or name on it. After keeping and using the promotional item, they become increasingly familiar with your company or product name and thus become part of loyal customers. If they constantly use the promotional product given to them, it becomes easy for them to remember your products and can’t possibly buy from somewhere else.

3. Higher return on investment

Investment in this form of marketing actually costs less per impression compared to other types of advertising. Additionally, it brings a higher return on investment than other advertising methods. Radio and television advertising can easily be forgotten as soon as the advert is aired. While promotional items for business may cosy significantly less per impression, they are kept for a long period of time. Besides, they can be passed from one person to another or be noticed by potential customers; something that can be interpreted as an endorsement of your brand. This helps to spread the word to many people apart from the person using specific promotional product.

4. Introducing a new product in the market

If you want to launch a new product, promotional items can be extremely beneficial even to a completely new company. It offers companies an opportunity to personally introduce new products. The target market is in a position to evaluate the product as well as determine if it is good or not. Additionally, the firm can collect the necessary information that comes in handy as far as product perfection is concerned.

Anyways, I think the above benefits are pretty important, so I think its worth a small investment to start treating my site seriously and really grow something out of it… Pretty excited to get started!  I’ll update soon!

The Benefits of Softer Water

I recently made the decision to soften the water in my home, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! My dishes come out cleaner (no more build up or residue), my skin feels softer and cleaner, my hair looks better, the water TASTES better, the list goes on and on… It’s crazy! I thought about getting a standard water softener, but was skeptical that my water would taste salty, the softener system would be a pain to maintain, etc… so I decided to go with a salt-free water softener, which I had installed by a great company in San Marcos (they service Wimberley, too!).

Every homeowner is looking for ways to save money by cutting back on spending, thanks to the rough economic times with skyrocketing prices of basic items. However there is an area in the home where if many homeowners focused on, they would save significant amounts of cash. If homeowners looked within their water systems they will save a lot on utility costs and experience other benefits.

There are various Benefits of Softer Water in the home as outlined below:

Save on Cleaning Products Costs
The cost benefits that come with soft water are a lot. Soft water will reduce costs around the home significantly. For example, you will use less soap and cleaning products. Whether you are using dish detergent, laundry soap, shampoo and so on, you will definitely use less of them because soft water naturally has a greater washing power. When you use lesser cleaning products you will of course spend less on them and this will reduce your home shopping costs by a great percentage annually.

Longer-Lasting Plumbing

Hard water has been known to cause a build-up of mineral deposits in many home plumbing systems. The pipes, showerheads and faucets become clogged causing decreased water flow , less pressure or malfunction. However, when one has a water softener installed in their home, their plumbing will last longer because soft water has low mineral content and will hardly leave deposits in the pipes and taps.

Better Cleaning
Cleaning with soft water is a lot easier and produces better results. When washing utensils with it, you will never see streaks in the dishes and glasses as common when hard water is used. When using soft water to scrub floors or tiles, it is usually faster and easier with impressive results since there is no scum that occurs as common with hard water usage. Even after bathing with soft water, you skin feels truly clean and not rough and dry. Even the hair will look more radiant and healthy when washed with soft water. Soft water no doubt cleans better.

Longer-Lasting Water Appliances

Appliances like the hot water heater will serve you for a very long time since there will be no mineral build-up with soft water. The coffee pot, humidifier and other things that use water will definitely last longer when soft water is used, thanks to the lack of mineral deposits that cause clogging.

Health & Environmental Benefits
Water softening will of course have a great impact on the water quality. There are various health and environmental benefits of consuming soft water. There is no consuming these minerals found in the water which can have negative health impacts. Also the using of soft water around the home can decrease energy, water and chemical use which leads to a direct positive impact on the environment.

Using soft water around the home has numerous advantages as outlined above. The above reasons should convince every homeowner to have a water softener installed in their home. This is clearly for their own benefit because they will significantly save on utility costs, impact the environment positively and improve their health. Every homeowner will definitely want this for their home.

Machinized… Lives!

Welcome to my personal blog… If you’re reading this, you probably know who I am. If you don’t, how did you find this site?! Lol anyways, this is my new site where I can muse about things, keep you updated with things going on in my life, and any cool tips or tricks that I discover that can make your life a little easier.

Anyways, thats it for now… I’ll update soon! Stay tuned =)